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Why to Choose a Wall Mounted Soap Dish with Holder from Kapitan Collection?

soap dish Wall Mounted Wall Mounted Soap Dish

Bath Accessories Company is a reliable provider of top quality bath accessories made in EU. The wall mounted soap dish with holder is not only stylish and modern but also 100% corrosion resistant to ensure it will last forever. The Kapitan products feature mirror finish that never rusts. There is no galvanic coating used.

The wall mounted soap dish is an eco-friendly product made of stainless steel 304 that contains 8-10 nickel and 18 chrome. The inner rubber seal helps the glass dish to perfectly fit its place in the holder and to hold it into a secured position.

What are the main advantaged of this product?

•    Top quality

wall mounted soap dishThe product is made up to the highest quality standards and is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001 for strength and durability, so it may resist to the wet environment. This makes Kapitan Glass Soap Dish with Holder perfect not only for bathrooms but also for closets, kitchens and other premises where the level of humidity is high.

•    Versatility

The material this product is made of is so strong and features antibacterial qualities that it can perfectly fit education facilities, hospitals, hotels and many other institutions that need such utensils for hygienic purposes.

•    Convenient Installation

The product includes all hardware you will need to install the dish with the holder to the wall. There is an option for people who do not want to drill wall holes. They can simply stick the hook with the pre-applied 3M VHB self-adhesive tape. This bonding tape provides excellent shear strength, surface adhesion, durability, and temperature resistance.

•    Easy Maintenance

The product is made to be easy for maintenance. Do not apply abrasive materials, as they may destroy the mirror surface. Simple soap solutions are enough to ensure perfect cleanness.

•    Long-term guarantee

The manufacturer guarantee is 20 years, so people who choose this product are well-protected against losses. Its price is 12.99 GBP and free delivery is offered to the UK customers on orders that cost more than £20.

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