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Metal Bathroom Accessories: All you need to know

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Universality, strength, durability - these are the key features that distinguish bathroom accessories made of metal. However, many homeowners fear the metal might not be a good fit for wet environments. The principle of cheap accessories - under the influence of high humidity and constant contact with an aggressive vicinity, they are covered with a reddish coating after a short period and swell under a layer of chromium-nickel coating.

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However, the contemporary manufacturers use for their products special alloys with a high nickel content - stainless steel or, most often, sanitary brass. Such products are not affected by the most extreme operating conditions, if they are properly handled, and can serve for more than a decade while retaining an attractive appearance and high functionality. The content of chromium determines its resistance to corrosion. The added nickel allows polishing to a mirror shine, improves corrosion resistance at high temperatures and adds durability. The material stainless steel has got proven antibacterial qualities.

To impart a beautiful design of metal products, they are subjected to all sorts of processing. Stainless steel models are polished using a laser. They are highly resistant to various chemicals and mechanical impact, and if you do not use any abrasive materials for cleaning them, they will last a very long time.

The most common way of processing the surface of metal accessories is galvanizing, where in special galvanic baths on the submerged, pre-prepared product, coating chrome and nickel. But if you care about our Planet, you must buy Bathroom Accessories with NO-galvanic coating. The galvanic treatments are very harmful to the environment.  Problematically substances are toxic cyanide compounds. The high amount of metal ions in the galvanic bath are also an environmental problem by waste disposal.

The chrome surface can be matte or polished, which also has little effect on the complexity of care. Also, some elite models use a coating of precious or semi precious materials - gold, silver, bronze, nickel and other metals. Care for such accessories should be treated with special care and accuracy.


Bonus: How to Clean Metal Bath Accessories Without Expensive Cleaners?


To remove dirt, marks, and grime from chrome, mix some water and dish soap.

Use lemon to shine up the chrome in your bathroom. You can do it with vinegar, but the lemons smell much nicer.


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Polish them with baking soda and lemon juice by using an old toothbrush to scrub the fixtures lightly. Wait for a few minutes to dry and wipe with a clean cloth.

Stainless Steel:

For sparkling and fresher-smelling Stainless Steel accessories use Baking Soda and White Vinegar.

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