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7 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Grade 304 is a Perfect Choice for Your Bathroom Accessories

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Nowadays, customers can choose from a great variety of bathroom accessories made of chrome, bronze, brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel, etc. You have to seriously consider the material you are going to use because it defines how long you will be able to use your bathroom accessories. Today, we want to focus on Stainless Steel Grade 304 (aka Stainless Steel AISI 304 18/10) and to explain why we prefer this material for bathrooms.

People can choose from more than 50 different grades of stainless steel, but by far stainless steel Grade 304 is the best choice when it comes to bathroom accessories. The material is made of 10% nickel and 18% chromium. The nickel enables polishing for obtaining a mirror shine. It significantly improves material’s resistance to corrosion regardless how high is the surrounding temperatures. The same applies for chromium, which also improves its resistance. This type of steel is often used for making utensils (pots, platters) and instruments of the highest quality.

Here, we want to share with you seven reasons why Stainless Steel Grade 304  is a perfect choice for your bathroom accessories:

  1. Made to last: Stainless Steel Grade 304 is a material with highest strength and durability that will last a lifetime Because of its durability in wet environments, Stainless Steel Grade 304 can be intensively used in the production of bathroom accessories used in hotels, education and medical institutions.

  2. Stylish and Modern: Grade 304 stainless steel offers a unique aesthetic appeal that will add to the interior of any bathroom style. The polished finish with brilliant shine makes it highly enticing.

  3. GALVANIC coating: Stainless steel Grade 304 is naturally stain- and corrosive- resistant, which makes it is a better material compared to chrome-plated fixtures and accessories for bathrooms, so no protective layer is required to be added. Moreover, it is only one material that never rusts, flake, chip, or peel.

  4. Protective Layer that repairs itself: One of the most unique features of the stainless steel is its capacity to self-repair. In order to do that, it forms a transparent and thin Chromium Oxide layer on the surface. That ensures users who accidentally scratch and somehow damage the stainless steel surface, the upper layer that contains a thickness of a few atoms starts to reform automatically because of the oxygen influence. So thanks to the oxygen in the air, it completely repairs itself.

  5. Eco-Friendly: Stainless steel is among the very few materials that are 100% recyclable. With no durability and quality loss, you can recycle it over and over and use it. This feature significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint of the product, as this is a reusable

  6. Proven Antibacterial Qualities: Stainless steel is non-porous and amazingly hygienic – this material does not collect algae or bacteria, neither rust, so it is considered perfect for wet environments. Moreover, it is easily maintained and kept

  7. Easy Clean: You are able to maintain your stainless steel Grade 304 in perfect condition by just wiping the product down with a cloth damped into warm water, and then use a dry cloth to completely dry its surface. You may also use regular soap solutions, but don’t use any abrasive materials.


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